Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-existing dreams//love

Every night I hope and pray that I can make it through without having to rock myself (literally rock side to side like a beached whale) out of bed to either, A) Use the bathroom B) Eat something C) Stretch D) Move my hips like a hula dancer to get the babe off a weird nerve. E) All of the above.

I have heard that the baby stays on the same schedule, in the womb as out. I usually can plan on waking up around 2:30 am with him violently thrashing around like he's planning an escape.

I just read that my baby can actually dream. If he takes after his mother, he probably is thrashing around in there.

Marshall and I day dreamed together as we discussed that our little guy can dream.We both wondered what could this sweet, innocent little baby dream about?
He hasn't experienced THIS life. What does he remember? What can he relate to? What does he know?

All I could think of was -- Jesus. He dreams of Jesus and Heaven, and his precious life that he has chosen for himself.
(Sidenote: Ever notice how new babies smell? I like to think they smell like Jesus, it's the best way to describe the sweet,pure, innocent scent that they are wrapped in)

 He dreams of his Mommy, and his Daddy, what they will be like. Maybe he was promised the most amazing things as he chose to come here. We will never know.

It melts my heart to imagine his dreams, and his thoughts and the love that will surround him.
He will always know that his parents love each other so much and will do all that they can to protect and care and love him.

We finally purchased his crib and I cannot wait to get it and put it all together. Every day pulls us closer and closer to his arrival and we couldn't be more anxious.

I also made this art piece for our fancy wall.

(I couldn't get a great photo of this because of the reflection- It is much sweeter in person)

I cut, folded, and meticulously placed each heart to design a large heart.

I saw this on etsy a while back and loved it, and thought I could definitely do this.

I like to think that because of the love that Marshall and I have for each other we were able to create life. One heart. And even some day, even more beating hearts.

 This is what this symbolizes to me. Much love creates love.

I loved this. This is One father's story through photographs- which at first was hard for me to take in, but learned of the love he grew to have for his baby daughter.Check it out.