Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where do I begin?

These past few weeks have been absolutely flying by. I haven't forgotten to blog, I have just been 'choosey' on what I should or shouldn't blog about. Not that I have any secrets that I can't share, it's just that I don't really feel like my life is interesting enough to share.

But since I posted last, Our baby is kicking and punching more violently every day, and BOY! Is he getting big! How do I know this? Because I am getting bigger and bigger by the minute!
This is the most recent photo taken of my belly.

We are slowly but surely gathering things to prepare ourselves for the baby's arrival.
Marshall knows me well, and made me wait until September 1st until we could making larger baby purchases, IE; Crib, Bassinet/playpen, stroller, car seat.. We plan on registering sooner than later-- and I am so excited for that, and really have NO clue what to register for. If you have any suggestions, I will take them!
I am also on the hunt for a pediatrician or family practice for our little guy when you comes. It's so crazy to think about that! I love it!

Recently I had a friend whip up our drapes for our baby's room and I couldn't be more pleased. They look so cute!

We still need to fill those frames up, Recently I added this photo to the wall...
Which I LOVE.
This is Marshall as a boy, and I think it is soooo sweet..
We also added this one..
Mommy and Daddy.
This was actually taken with my phone, and It may just be one of our best snapshots.

I have also done a couple projects here and there.
Here is my most recent.

I bought these brass lamps at the thrift store, I loved the curves and the size of these lamps and knew just what to do with them!


I also bought this adorable end table, I loved the legs on this beauty and knew I needed it to match one of the lamps!

Here is how they turned out!
Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

Here is another bad photo of our 'master suite' if you can even call it that, it is so mini.

I am obsessed with my parrot artpiece from Anthropologie, not to mention my beautiful bedding-  I had to get these in the shot- (also terrible lighting.)

Besides the lame-o photo montage, We are all doing wonderfully over here!
We await for my baby nephew to be born, and are leaping for joy over an engagement in our family and news of a baby girl coming January for another.

Is it just me or are there babies, babies and more babies everywhere?! I love it!
Our little guy will have so many friends!

I have been reading a TON of books on babies and breastfeeding and labor and delivery and we are going to risk not taking any birthing classes, not because we are ignorant and think we will be fine without it, because seriously? Who knows? But because Marshall and I are so busy and they are so darned expensive. I figure, women had babies in barns, without classes, without drugs,-- by themselves.. I'll be fine. (Crossing my fingers)

I will really try to be better about blogging. I do have more time,I just need to bring my camera around more often.