Saturday, October 2, 2010

//Time Flies

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I have blogged last! September came and went far to quickly. I am not complaining, I am ecstatic about it! Time can fly away, sooner it passes, the sooner I get to meet my little man.

Marshall and I have been busy with preparing ourselves in almost everyway we possibly can before this baby comes. Financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and domestically.....

We have had some major bumps these past couple weeks with our car situation, which has not been fun. With answers to our prayers we like to think that we have solved our problem(S) for. now.

My Precious/beloved VW passat Wagon, which I love, and hate to have to get rid of totally conked out on us. We have put a lot of money into it in the past year or so and threw our hands up when it wouldn't start for us a week or 2 ago. We decided that that was it, we wanted a NEW problem. I looked and looked for vehicles in our price range, something that would accomadate a new baby and be somewhat equal in 'coolness' to my wagon. We/I struggled.

We spoke to many people about our situation and received plenty of wonderful advice-- maybe all the wagon needed was a new battery?! Well, that would save us a small fortune! We weren't exactly planning on buying a new car before this baby arrives. After many prayers and discussions, and even borrowed car from a dealer for the weekend, we decided to keep the Vw and replace the battery.

Marshall did just that tonight. What a man. I mean, seriously. S.T.U.D. I love my Husband. He really should have been at his meeting tonight but instead stayed home and tended to the needs of his family, which means a lot to me.

I of course was pulled outside in the crisp evening weather to be the flashlight holder. I was happy to help. Marshall insisted on talking like his son was already there, and had a pretend dad voice, saying things like "Son-- you gotta treat your car right, you gotta treat it like a lady... " blah blah.. and then made sure to tell me that before we know it our son can hold the flash light. He is too excited. I love how he thinks.
Now that the car is working like a champ, I am going to scrub it clean, vacum it out and shine it up!
I will be so nice to it so it will be nice to us.

Not only have we figured out the car situation, we have also put together our crib and the nursery is just about done!

I am getting this amazing piece of art that I ordered from the UK framed as we speak, and I can't wait to get it back so I can throw it on the wall.  No worries, I will show you once it is up! I also picked up a changing table from the thrift store for $6 and repainted it to match our Crib and it turned out perfectly!

I went to my 32 week appointment yesterday, I am healthy as a horse. Still not used to seeing my weight on the scale, but I've gained just what I'm supposed to. I am healthy as a horse. And- more importantly, so is baby.  He sits right on my bladder, and I have to use the bathroom like a million times a day. (ughhhh..) But I am happy that I have a bladder, and happy that I have a baby to sit on my bladder.. (I don't want to sound like I am complaining)

My sister had her baby, and he is to die for adorable. I wish I could hug and kiss him. I will meet him this Christmas (crossing fingers) I can't wait. I wish I could ask her so many things about her labor and delivery and how she is enjoying new motherhood. I am trying not to bombard her quite yet.

Her little guy just makes me that much more excited to meet ours.

That is all for now.. I hope to blog sooner next time.