Thursday, November 4, 2010

He 's Here -Part 1.

I can't believe that I am able to share my birth story! I wasn't expecting to have our baby until another month, but looks like he was a little eager to meet us. And we couldn't be more happy that he is here.

When we found out we were pregnant in April, we almost didn't believe it. Marshall made me take 3 tests just to be sure. Obviously- All Positive. After being told that I would have a hard time getting pregnant, this was the sweetest surprise of the year. My pregnancy was beautiful, comfortable and I would say pretty easy. I wasn't very sick, I wasn't terribly uncomfortable (until the end) and counted down the days until his arrival. Our lives became busier and busier as we approached the final months. Marshall was hired on full time through his Engineering Firm with full benefits for our family (which we received only days before Ezra came) Marshall continues to coach at Osseo Senior High girls and boys swimming, and plays in a soccer league all year round. I was booked solid at the salon until a week before Thanksgiving, was busy nesting and waddling around getting things done.
Once again-- only miracles are recognized in our lives. Continuous showering of blessings offered to our precious little family.
So here is what happened!**
The week of Oct. 25- This was my birthday! I was able to go out to breakfast with my mom and run to a couple stores, I was exhausted. I kept telling her that I could not keep up with her-- because I couldn't. I was recognizing what everyone calls the "9 month hell" and thought that these aches and pains are prefectly normal. I later went grocery shopping and stocked up on REALLY good things, and fancier than usual food choices (Marshall wasn't along to tell me to put anything back) I carried them all into the house by myself, even 3 heavier bags at once and knew I was overdoing- but I forget I'm not invinsable. Marshall got home and made me an amazing salmon dinner and made a foot soak bath and rubbed my feet! It was perfectly needed and so sweet. Sometime the week before, Marshall's car was dead in the garage, and we knew this would be an issue for him with coaching a couple times a week when he doesn't take the bus, we knew we would have to find a way to get it fixed.

Tuesday we finally got our furnace repaired and we thought for sure this was going to be an expensive fix, it ended up being covered by our service plan and only had to pay for a 35$ part! Tuesday was alsoone of the windiest day I have ever experienced, so windy we lost power in our house. FOR 24 hours!! All of our fresh, delcious food purchased the day before was defrosted, and no longer good to eat. Such a waste! :( Marshall was also able to start his car and drop it at the shop to have it checked out.

Wednesday- Marshall and I both had to work- He ended up working later than he was expecting and I was on my feet all day. Later that evening we were able to get Marshalls car, and I was able to attend a youth activity at church. I joked with the girls about the baby coming that night-- I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and feeling some pressure- which I think/thought was normal for being in my final weeks of pregnancy.

... to be continued...