Saturday, November 6, 2010

He's Here** Part 2.

Father-Son time.

(See Part 1.)
* As if this week couldn't get any crazier....

Thursday- I woke up with a heavy,dull, achey pressure in my pelvis and hips. It was hard for me to do anything. I was moving really slow and was going to the bathroom every 2 minutes. I was experiencing spurts of pain here and there and started to worry. I knew something just wasn't right. I called my clinic and they asked me if I was having contractions. I didn't know? I just felt pressure and was going to the bathroom all morning! They told me to drink a large glass of water and and lay down and monitor the pain. I did just that and realized very quickly that I was feeling crampy consistently every 4 minutes. I showered and tried to get ready as fast as I could (which wasn't very fast) and called my clinic back after an hour to let them know of the pain every 4 minutes. They told me to head to the hospital to be monitored. I was kind of skeptical and thought this is just a bad day, I thought for sure they would laugh and tell me to go home-- just comes with being pregnant. I grabbed my previously packed hospital bag and a couple baby things just in case, but thought for sure I would be sent home and was just being ridiculous. My little sister came for me and took me to the hospital. I looked at my big belly all the way to the hospital and noticed how different it looked,it almost didn't look like a part of my body, it completely shifted and was wobbling ontop of my torso. It was the oddest thing.

 Once at the hospital, the nurse asked me to monitor my pain, on a scale of 1-10, I said a 5. Only because I knew it could probably get a lot worse. She checked my cervix and raised her eyebrows, and said, "Well, you are dilated to a 5, you aren't going anywhere, you are a having a baby today!' -----Uhhhhhhhhhh....!?

I was 4 weeks early! This baby will be ''premature'! I was excited and scared and called Marshall immediately.(12:34PM when I called him) I could hear the slight panic in his voice, but kept composed for my sake.

They moved me into a room immediately and started hooking me up to fluids and IV's asked me if I wanted an epidural and kept checking me. I was progressing REALLY FAST. I was dilated to about 7 when I received an epidural. It helped tremendously for the first couple minutes. The doctor broke my water and told me this baby was coming quick and could have it before 5pm.. I realized quickly that something wasn't right. I could feel EVERYTHING. I kept saying, " I just don't think it is working.. It hurts so bad"
Although I was loving the experience, I knew I needed something for the pain. I received another epidural and felt amazing soon after. I couldn't feel a thing. I was smiling again knowing that within a matter of hours I would be holding our little prince. I quickly progressed to 10, and my nurse asked me if I wanted to push or if I wanted to wait just a little bit, it was 5:45 at this point and we decided that we would start to push at 6:00. I was so excited!! This was actually my most favorite part of the entire day. I couldn't feel anything but pressure, and the closer he was to coming, the more and more pressure I felt.
Marshall, bless him, was by my side the entire day, he only left to get me ice chips. He was the best coach I could have asked for, and he counted and breathed with me while I pushed, and he let me grab at him when the epidural failed to comfort me in the beginning. I don't know if I would have enjoyed this experience without him right beside me (for many obvious reasons)But am so grateful for him.

"One last push!! Come on, Here's his head, This is good!" 

"It's a BOY!"

At 8:28 pm Ezra Marshall Abrahamson 5 lbs. 8.9 oz. 19 inches was welcomed by Angels, Wonderful doctor and nurses and of course, Parents who love eachother and him more than he may ever know.

You could feel the angels in the room as he was blasted into this world. (I explained earlier to my nurse what a miraculous job she has, how she is must be surrounded by angels all day long as babies come to this world they are welcomed by angels--she loved this)

And before I knew it they plopped his warm, tiny, body on my chest.Like I mentioned (in previous posts) He reeked of the purest, innocent smell- the 'Jesus smell' I call it. I stared at this little face until my eyes filled with tears and while blinking them away to get a better look they quickly whisked him away.

Something wasn't right. I could tell that much.

Marshall followed the nurses out and when he returned he explained to me that because Baby Ezra was born 4 weeks early he wasn't breathing so well on his own and they had to hook him up to quite a few things to help him.
This of course worried me-- But my heart didn't break until I had to look at him through the incubator for the first time. His small chest rising and falling to his own rhythm. I was scared to touch him but wanted to so badly.

His first rough breaths.
Everyday he got a little better, it seemed as though everytime we saw him one less line was attached to him. He quickly learned to breathe on his own, and after some time, learned to eat on his own. And now he is ours to keep forever. With many prayers and support from friends and family and even strangers, our baby can go on to live his life.

Marshall and I are so grateful for the love and prayers that have and continue to be answered. We have been so blessed.

We are so in love with him, and we can't thank the heavens enough for him in our lives.

He was ready to come to us on his own time. I can't wait to continue to learn and understand exactly why.

Milk Drunk.

Daddy's first time holding him.
Taking him home from the Hospital!
Ezra in black and white

Our first photo together.

Home at last!