Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm a 'mormon mommy blogger'

This Article is making its way around and I can't help but think about it.
First off, who doesn't love taking a glimpse into other people's lives? We do it all the time, whether it's through magazines,reality television,stalking on facebook, twitter and of course, Blogs.
I like to see what people are up to, how they arrange their furniture, what they are cooking...etc
So, naturally, I love to keep up on blogs.
Since I am a mormon, and a new mother, I love to read what other fellow mormom mommys are up to and how they live their lives.
I have to say that when I blog, I choose not to air my dirty laundry to the world. Maybe sometimes I am guilty of complaining, but I feel like I am cautious of it. I know I don't necessarily enjoy listening to other people complain about their lives,(I believe there is a time and a place to vent and the world-wide-web is not the place) why would I want to do that to all of you.
I don't believe that these mormon mommies are falsifying their lives, they are just showing you the good side of things, as I am guilty of as well.
Not every day in my home is a happy day, I can tell you that for sure.
I am human, I have good days and bad days just like everyone else.

I have found in my own life how my perspective on everything in the world is so completely different than others.
 I like to think that the way I choose to live my life plays a huge role in that. I choose not to surround myself with negative things, even if it is a rated R movie (seriously) Life is hard enough, why add more dreary, and negative things to it.
 I want to be uplifted, I want to be taught, I want to be inspired.

I feel like being an LDS woman plays a large part in that.
We (LDS women) are brought up being taught that we are daughters of God, who loves us and knows us. We are reminded often that we stand as witnesses of God at all times, and in all things and in all places(Mosiah 18:9) And strive to live our lives in accordance to His will,we will be tremendously blessed. That in itself makes me (us) confident and happier than those who may not understand that. 
 Most of my lds friends are the most wonderful people I have ever met, they know who they are, what they stand for and how to live their lives in way that not only makes their lives better, but also better for those around them.
 I am grateful for that.

As a wife and a mother I know I have a great responsibility in my home. And, I LOVE it.
My job is to make a haven for my family. Whether that be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or cleaning the floors or to give hugs and kisses for hours on end, I will do what it takes.
 Call me old fashion.
I am happy.
 I am grateful that my husband, who works hard everyday so I can be at home raising my son. There is nothing else that I would rather do.
Now, don't get me wrong. I have my outlet. I am able to work 10 hours a week at the salon, which I have enjoyed tremendously. It is a great way for me to get out of the house and put my talents to good use.
Everyone needs their outlet.

 For me, I prefer to blog.

Needless to say. I actually enjoyed This article.