Monday, January 17, 2011

My Favorite things- As a new mom

               These are a few of my favorite things- Not specifically in this order, but you get the idea.
This adorable page out of an adorable book.

Oh, What would I do without this Bulb Syringe?
Our house is so dry that Ezra's nose gets sooo stuffy.
I am so happy the hospital sent us home with this!

Ezras play mat-- and He loves to look at himself in his mirror.

My heavenly nursing station. Fully equipped with the most comfortable glider- Thanks to my dear husband for getting this for us,my netbook, endless amounts of burp rags,books, and a water bottle. (Not to mention my amazingly convenient breast pump. Thank you insurance for covering that for us!)

I am so proud of my Antelope trophy.
I was in the grueling process of finishing this beauty while I was in labor. (I kept saying to myself, If I can complete this and it actually looks like an animal, I can do anything-- It was a lot more work that I was anticipating)
Ezra stares at this while I rock him.

Diaper Genie!WOOWOO!
No stinky diapers at this house!

This bouncy chair given to us by Marshalls company. SO thoughtful!
I don't think I would ever get a shower without this thing!
And, I am obsessed with this absolutely adorable bottle drying rack.