Monday, February 14, 2011

Happiest Valentine's Day.To.Me

This is the Best Valentine's Day that I have ever had. Not only do I have one Hot Valentine, but I also have a mini Valentine! Cupid has been awfully generous to me.
 I have so much love for my boys I can't even contain it. I feel like my eyes turn into big fat hearts when I cuddle and squeeze them both.
I wish Marshall could have stayed home from work today so we could snuggle all day.
Oh well. There is always tonight.;)

Since we first started dating we would celebrate Valentines day with a deliciously tasty Salmon dinner.

And the tradition continues. I'll be whipping up a delicious salmon feast for when Mr. comes home.
I can hardly wait!

I thought it would be cheesy cute if I decorated something today, so- I decorated the inside of our front door, that way when Mr. gets home from a long days work and shuts the front door he will be surprised by the sweet decorations- all for him!

He also surprised me with beautiful white roses, My favorite! I think they look absolutely gorgeous in our bedroom.


Happy Valentines Day to Everyone. Especially to all the Love Birds out there.