Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skype and other things

Apparently this is how Ezra and I look on the other end of Skype.
I love the look on Ezra's face, too funny.

I love my days off. Being able to cuddle my baby all day and being able to get things done here and there. I just love it.

Today, I accidentally mixed a peach oatmeal packet with a blueberry, creating a blueberry-peach bowl of oatmeal- Not a bad combo.
I washed my car, and when I say "I" it really means "me"-- no drive thru car washes over here, those are for everyone else, but not me, I like to wash my own car. with my bare hands. (Besides, my car is too low to drive it on the tracks)
I grabbed lunch at Chammps with my mom, we had a coupon. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with waffle fries and of course I had to have the special dip-
 But I hate that they charge an extra dollar for
 1)The bacon
2)The waffle fries
3) The dip
and! They don't even put fixins' on your burger! You have to ask for it-- LAME!

I cuddled my baby- Skyped with my sister and her babe( I LOVE SKYPE)-cleaned my house- gave a haircut to an adorable girl from church

and currently have chicken marinating for dinner tonight.

Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday/hump day