Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spectacles and Smiles

I recently got my eyes checked and purchased 6 months of contacts and a new pair of glasses.
It is so nice to see again. I was told I have astigmatism, and was given a different type of contact lense to correct it. I feel like I can literally see right through things. Like I have laser beams or special powers. It's been amazing being able to see 20/20. Someone give me a pilots license.heehee.

I've been singing to my baby so much lately. He is bound to be a musician, Marshall begs to differ, but whenever I can't think of a song to sing, I end up doing scales that I learned back in the day- when I used to take private voice lessons. He loves it. It's how I get to see those adorable dimples of his.
Also, Marshall and I were browsing through the movie and books section at Target (Danger zone) and they had the classic Dr.Seuss books that we grew up with for $5 a pop!! So, we impulsively agreed that our baby boy needed to have these. So, for Valentines day, we purchased him not one but six of our all time favorites.
 I am glad that we did.
It's never too early to read to a baby.