Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Multi-tasking//while Nursing.

We all know women are amazing, that just goes without saying. But since having a baby, I am pretty much reminded daily how incredibly awesome I am. I mean, there is almost nothing I can't do.(sarcastic of course) And! I can do almost everything, WHILE nursing my babe! (Except go to the bathroom, although-- I have considered it many times.)

I just have to say, before your mind wanders and you picture me vacuuming with my baby on me-- That is not the case, I promise. I have my nursing station, and unless I absolutely HAVE to, I try not to disrupt his meal for my own purposes.

But here are a couple things that I can accomplish while nursing Ezra.

001. CNN , we don't have television, nor do we get the paper. SO, I either hear the news from Marshall, who hears from people at work, or from clients at the salon, or CNN. Because I am up in the middle of the night with this little guy, I swear I was the first in the US to know about the Earthquakes/Tsunami in Japan. Thanks CNN.
002. Facebook, I have a love.hate relationship with Facebook. I love being able to communicate with the world, and I also LOVE catching up with people via the web. But facebook is so boring lately. And I am sure I am only saying this because I probably log in approximately 20 times a day. I also am probably the first to know every ones lives depending on how often they update their status.
003. Blogging, In fact, I am nursing right now- Huzzah!. Amazing, right? I have finally mastered a comfortable hold for him and me, so I can appropriately hold my laptop and type at the same time. I also take this time to read endless amounts of blogs. I Love blogs. I am also able to scour the interweb for inspiration for my  style blog. Which I have been loving to have. I have been doing endless amounts of cyber consults with people all over the world, which has been so fun and has kept my nursing sessions breezy busy. If you don't follow, please do. You won't be sorry. I promise.
004.Upload.Edit.Create- I have been obsessed with one thing lately, and that of course has been baby Ezra. I take a million photos of him a day and they need to be shared, so while nursing I pop my camera into the usb and blast those photos onto my computer. I am loving free editing sites, such as Picnik and Pixlr for making my photos a little prettier. Although, I do have to say, I am not a photographer in ANY way, that is an art that I may never know for myself. I just appreciate a pretty picture.
005.Online Shopping! Do I need to say anything more about this? It's been harder to get out to pick anything up with the little guy and the ridiculous amount of snow that trapped us in this winter. I have been so grateful to be able to order things off the internet and it has been awesome. I LOVE getting packages in the mail and I run to the door everytime I see the UPS truck pull up. We have a relationship now.
006. Eating-This is probably the one thing that I do while nursing that I have not successfully mastered completely. And I am not exactly proud that I do this, but if my baby is going to eat, this sister needs to eat as well! Marshall just shakes his head and laughs while I try to make the fork to my mouth without spilling it all on the baby, (no worries, I cover him-- cough, and myself, because that is just RUDE at the dinner table. Believe me, I know. )

I am enjoying being able to sit and relax with my baby throughout the day, especially because when baby no.#2 is here, I  will be moving around a lot more while nursing,mostly to run after Ezra!

 Women can do it all.