Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Boys.Their Hair.My love for both.

 I am sad to admit that with one of my boys, I may have created a little monster.Not a gaga monster- cause that would be wierd,but a cute little bald monster.
I didn't do it on purpose. No. Never. Not me.
As a Stylist, I tend to overdo everything.I mean, going overboard-With scrubbing away cradle cap.
My sweet baby boy had a bad case of the chunky cradle caps.
No way will I let my baby have that. 
As suggested, I oil his little spot, scrub.a.dub his little head with babysoap and use the say brush.
a little.
maybe a little too much.
Now he has no hair on top.
He does have hair in the back!
Poor Baby.
He is a hat baby now. 
As for this BIG monster- He did this all on his own. I went out of my way to give him a charming new haircut.
He does this.
Carves a honkytonk mustache.(end of swimseason tradition)
Adorable right?
It's not my favorite look on him, but he wore it with confidence and that is much to be admired.

I love this man.
The mustache lasted 24 hours.

                       But Our love lasts all eternity.