Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Day Out.

Finally. An absolutely gorgeous afternoon.
And an afternoon where the sun was high and the Mr. was home.
Finally. A day where we are all home to enjoy the high sun and the crisp breeze. And we did just that. We buckled baby Ezra into the stroller and threw on an extra layer and headed out to the trails. We walked until we couldn't walk any further. Really, we did. The trails ended up being completely covered in snow and we had to turn around.
Baby Ezra snoozed while the air kissed his nose. I couldn't stop smiling and Marshall barely let me push the stroller. "Why won't you let me push the stroller?," I asked. "I dunno, I just feel really cool doing it." I just laughed to myself. It was too cute not to. A first time father, proud of his first born son. He walked that stroller like a man. a man, I tell you.
He wanted the world to see his first born. It was so sweet. If there was a cliff, I am sure he would have held Ezra under his baby arm pits and hung him over while the Lion King theme song played through the skies.