Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

I know you all are dying to know a little more about me. (I know you probably don't- But I really don't have anything interesting to blog about these days)

So Lets begin with 5 fun facts about me- and I'll update it every friday! Fun idea,huh!?

1. I have a BEAUTIFUL upholstered bench that is sitting in our dungeon basement waiting to be finished and I just can't find the time .

2. I waxed my mustache yesterday.

3. I get really embarrassed when people 'refer' to my blog while speaking to me in person. (I don't know why, I know what I put on here is being read- but this always makes me blush.)

4. Friday is laundry day at our house.

5. The car I am driving currently has had a rock hit the windsheid twice in the same spot, in the same week, resulting in a crack/ding in the glass. Having me freak! (Seriously, the driving situation can only get better)

I am going to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and weekend.
the end.