Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ezra's Weekend in Photos

Waking up late and playing with Daddy. His Favorite.

I, of course have to pose with him.
Yes. That is a Star Wars shirt. This was more for Marshall than for Ezra.
But it is pretty cute.

We took a family walk to Long Lake Park, which is conveniently close. I am embarrassed we ever packed our bikes in the back our cars to ride around there. It is only a long walk away!
Marshall picked me the prettiest lilac sprig on the way.

This is what we see on the way into the park reserve. It is really nice to have such pretty scenery so close to our home. 
I made an array of delicious meals this week, Friday night we had Feta and Spinach stuffed chicken, Saturday night we had Zucchini and Tomato pasta, Sunday morning for breakfast I made a Banana Spinach smoothie. All were super Tasty!
After our Long walk, Marshall brought Ezra outside and taught him all he needed to know about building a bonfire. It was so cute listening from inside. I could hear Marshall explaining every step to building a fire and of course the safety of fires. Ezra just watched.
Here is a snapshot of Ezra in his Sunday Best. He always looks so dapper.