Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Facts Friday the 13th!

--Ezra has a tiny tooth that has broken through.
Now it makes sense to us why his hands are in his mouth
ALL the time, and the incessant drooling.

-- He has also learned he can sit up.((not quite on his own, but pretty close))

--We went on a family walk to DQ this week, and took the longest way home. Saw 2 deer, a beaver (or woodchuck, not sure) a bunny, and 3 ducks (One that got ran over by a car- saw that too :(

-A plumber and an electrician are coming over tomorrow!(More on that another time)

- Marshall and I have mandatory date night every friday night. This is a tradition that I LOVE! Especially because I don't have to decide what we do! I leave it up to my man.

-The weather for next week looks FANTASTIC. Ezra and I are getting sick of sitting inside!