Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

- I compulsively look at my calendar on my phone (Like I have a life or something)
-My house may look clean, but if you look in my closets, or drawers you will think otherwise
- I rearrange my furniture ALL.THE.TIME. to the point where Marshall doesn't even notice anymore. (But after recently purchasing the prettiest mirror ever, I have run out of options. dang.)
-My baby hates tummy time.
-FatBooth photos have had me Laughing out Loud more than ever recently.
-I sold my VW. I am filled with a mix of emotions about it.
- Even though I may be a little embarrassed about people refering to my blog in conversation, I LOVE it when people tell me how much they enjoy reading it.
- I promise I will blog more than Fridays. But this makes me accountable to my blog.

We don't have much planned for the weekend- but we enjoy the time we have as a family so much.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!