Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This week went by FAST! And I am so glad it did! It's a long weekend for my man, and that means we get him for an extra day! Yipee! We have some work to do in this house, and of course an extra dose of family time, which we Love!

Some Fun Facts.

-This might be my new favorite Tshirt. Jcrew sold this shirt for $25 online only, and sent 100% of the proceeds to Japan! I was able to get an adorable new T and help out Japan. How awesome is that?!

- We picked up Ezra his own pair of sunglasses. He looks so cool.
-Ezra has also slept the full night an ENTIRE week!! (Full night=830 p.m.- 5:15am) YIPEE!!
-I made the most delicious Chicken Piccata- It was to die for.

- I'm going garage sale shopping with a friend today, I am excited for that. I hope the rain holds off.
- We are in the process of boxing up and organizing a space for all of Marshall's books. That man has BOOKS! Tons I tell you, TONS!
- I have NO IDEA what I am doing as a mother. I wish my baby had instructions printed on his tiny back. I am clueless.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to share with you all about ours!