Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mashed Potato Mothers Day.

My very first Mothers day. A simple one.
A day where I could spend the day with my boys. A day where we can lounge, tickle, sing, cuddle,snuggle, nap and eat. Oh the eating is one of my favorites.

Marshall made me my favorite food in the whole world.
 Mashed Potatoes.
I would drink them from a straw if I could. I would pour the instant potatoes in my mouth, then drink a tall glass of water, shake my head and swallow whole if I could. I love my Man. And I love my man for making me some mashed potatoes for my special day.

We also went out on a hot date Friday, I ordered salmon,he ordered steak. and... Ezra ordered, well, you know. Milk. and maybe a small side of sweet potatoes.

Not only has being a mother changed my life in countless ways, but I try to remember my life before baby, and it is foggy.
Almost as though it never happened, a memory, or a dream.
My uterus must have ached for a tenant.
My arms must have been empty and my heart must have only beat half as well as it does now.

I cannot imagine my life without my little family.
 Being a mother to Ezra has been such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to continue my journey as a mother to more little spirits.

I imagine my other babies waiting in the clouds for Marshall and I to send them down one by one.
I imagine their personalities, all different and perfect in their own unique way. I imagine their smiles similar to eachothers but smiling for different reasons than the next. I imagine their tiny hands holding one anothers as they watch us from above. I'm sure they wonder when their time will come. 
I also imagine Heavenly Father keeps all of our children in a special place, a place where they are allowed to choose when and how they will arrive to us. I am sure Heavenly Father explains to each of our children what their lives will be like and what they may go through. I also believe that my Heavenly Father gives my babies a choice whether or not they are ready for their bodies and of course ready to meet me, their mother and Marshall, their adoring father,who have planned for a family since the day they married at the altar. 

I love being a mother, I love that I will be a mother to more. and I love to imagine mothering more.

Happy Mothers Day.