Monday, May 16, 2011

Our happy boy.

My baby boy is the happiest when Marshall and I are both home.He thrives on the weekends. His schedule is non existent, he doesn't have a bed time and he basically owns us.
We spend our Mondays crying recoverying from the freedom of the last few days and try to catch up on the sleep that has been lost from (of course) all the fun.
We dream of the pretty birds that sang to us on Sunday evening, when Marshall thought to make us burgers, or the warm sun that touched our heads as the smell from the braquets filled our little yard.

Ezra has trained himself to smile when he sees a camera come out,
 but not when he is outside enjoying the weather, oh no.
He is too busy to smile for a family picture, he'd rather look at his shadow on the side of our white house, or see his hands and his toes being kissed by the wind-- he is far more interested in that.

By the way, Our Burgers were delicious. Marshall makes the best darn burgers around.