Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun Facts Friday!

All week I look forward to Fun facts Friday- I think it is because I have to sit down and make myself blog. It can get pretty hard in the week to find time to do this.
 I love Fridays!

-I've decided that I prefer the weather a little cooler than warmer. (Who woulda thunk?)

-I love sharing my projects,but hate really don't love copycats. Especially when I know them on a very personal level.

-I joined in on a humongous garage sale this week, sold some stuff, made some cash! Woowoo!

-I am pretty sure Ezra is starting to get his top tooth now, just when he stopped fussing about the bottom ones.. ughh.
-A long time ago, I introduced two of the sweetest people I knew together, and last year they got married, and tonight we are having them over for dinner. I cannot wait to see them!

- Ezra loves his friend, Simon.

-I'm obsessed with vacuum lines. No really. I am. Once a room is vacuumed I practically walk on the walls to preserve the fresh lines.

- I Only found time to make one Delicious meal this week, I guess I'm not super woman after all.