Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This little man keeps us B.U.S.Y these days.

Here are my Fun Facts for this Friday!

-I have a phobia of Aliens. You know, the Ant heads with the big eyes.. (shutter) For real. I am scared to death of them.
-I do not like water, as in, I won't put my head under water. and. I don't swim well. (Am I super lame?)
-I can smell a dirty head from a mile away. (really, I can. p.u.)
-I am doing hair for a wedding today at the Downtown Radisson
- This isn't my natural hair color (close though)
-I need a pedicure. (BAD)
-We found an excellent electrician! Yahoo! (Crossing our fingers the job will be finished by next week!)
-This weekend is all about Marshall, His very first Father's day, we plan on going out to dinner and taking him shopping. (his request) ((this is so he NEVER forgets mothers day))
-I am a Terrible dancer. (With a T)

I am just excited to be spending time with my little family this weekend.
I hope you all will enjoy your fathers, and/or fathers of your own!

What are your plans?