Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Little Mother and the once ugly Cabinet

Once upon a time there was a sad, lonely and unattractive storage cabinet....

It was aching for love and attention when a determined little mother met the lonely cabinet on a hot summers day.

She patted the cabinets doors and said, "Come with me, My dear, I will not let you wait another day feeling and looking the way that you do," " You will look Beautiful and Fresh, and everyone will wish they had you all to themselves"


The little mother knew just what to do, she raced around and gathered her supplies and went to work the very next morning. She cared for her sweet little baby and was even attentive to her husband as she worked, worked worked.. all.. day.. long..

After applying a couple coats of fresh paint, hugs and kisses...

The Cabinet smiled at her with the sunniest smile the little mother had ever seen (Besides her baby's smile of course)


The perfect shades of yellow, gray and white couldn't help but smothering the cabinet in love.

And when the little mother stepped away from the cabinet, after a full days work.. a tear fell from her cheek.

She knew that this cabinet was the most beautiful cabinet of all the cabinets.

The End.
* Seriously. I can't get enough of this cabinet. It turned out incredible.

This is for my salon-- and it is going to be Perfect!!