Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend bits.

Marshall and I were so honored to attend a temple sealing for a long time friend of both of ours.
I always love being able to attend weddings with my husband, it is such a sweet reminder of the love we have for one another and the covenants we have made to each other and to Heavenly Father forever. and. ever.
I love my man so much. It gets to be so busy around our home and with house projects going on and Ezra demanding all my attention, it is hard for me to show my love and appreciation for Marshall. This makes me so sad and I am trying desperately to show my love for him more, even if it is by just making him dinner.
 I am sure this is something that I will figure out as time goes on and as I learn to balance the demands of being a wife and a mother.

Ezra is starting to roll from here.. to there.. to there.. and over there.
He can sit up all on his own. He has been starting to try and feed himself puffs, and he is in the starting position to crawl.

Once he figure out how to move his knees, it is all over.

Marshall's Brother was able to take a photo of all of us after we were at the Temple and I am so happy he did. We needed something of all of us, especially now that Ezra is so smiley and happy to be held!