Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First day on the job.

Today was my first day on the job.
Meaning, my first day where I didn't have to go into work.
I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and care for Ezra.
 I am so blessed to be able to fulfill this calling at home.
This morning I took it all in.
I layed on the couch with Ezra after our breakfast and he snuggled into my chest.
He is at a very active stage where he will not sit still for a second.
 But for some reason, as we layed on the couch together he was hugging me tight. 
It was as though I could read his little mind and understand his thoughts.
I could almost feel him trying to express to me how grateful he was that I was able to spend my entire day with him.
He was thanking me for not rushing through the day to leave him with a sitter, or rearranging his feeding schedule to make it easier on everyone while I am away, he was clinging onto with the security and knowledge that I am the only one who will know what he needs and when he needs it. I could hear through his breaths that he knows I am the only one that will love him the way he needs to be loved.

After months of consideration and answers to prayers, the decision was made that I would stay at home and raise my family. I feel as though I have been promised that my family will be tremendously blessed for having me at home.
 I have to say, this was an incredibly hard decision to make, but it was the best decision I could have made.
(Everyone seems a whole lot happier.)

*Besides, I'll still be able to do what I love.
Salon updates coming soon!