Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Facts Friday! 7.29.11

This week was great! I am starting to find a balance and routine juggling Ezra, taking clients, housework and other things. I feel like I may actually have Ezra on a pretty consistent napping schedule which has allowed me time to take clients. (This doesn't always work out how I plan- bu I am so grateful for patient clients who understand)

Here are my Fun Facts!
-Ezra is officially mobile.He gets into EVERYTHING now. We have to shut all the doors in our house now or we will lose him!I think he may be a trouble maker.
-I stepped in dog poop yesterday.
-Marshall and I measured our noses with a tape measure to see whose was bigger. We actually tease each other about our big noses all the time. (He swears mine is bigger. To make is worse, it might be.. I have a smaller face than his...)
-As much as I love taco soup, Marshall and I agreed we can only eat it while we are alone at home- It is one of those rich fiber-y foods, if you know what I mean... TMI?
-I glob zit cream on my face at night like a pubescent teenager.
- Sometimes the only way I will ever get anything done is to let Ezra cry. I can't strap him to my back all the time. Do I feel like a terrible mother? Sometimes. But his cries don't seem to bother me like they may bother Marshall and everyone else. I know he is fine, he most likely feels left out.
-Ezra thinks he is awesome when he pushes over his book stacks and crawls underneath things.

-I didn't just kill my orchid this week. I murdered it. Poor thing. I have never had luck with plants or flowers. Unfortunately in our house, fake is the way to go.

- I picked Ezra up some camo shorts so he could match his daddy, Marshall LOVED this.
-Marshall and I do rock.paper.scissors for a lot of decisions. Like last night, who was going to have the chicken leftovers or the taco soup leftovers. I won! Rock always wins.
Chicken for me, Taco(Fiber)soup  for Marshall!

Have a Beautiful weekend!
Once again, I am sure we will try to enjoy our weekend as a little family.