Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

- All I want to do is take a nap or go to sleep and not be woken up.just once. that is all I ask.
- After running into a couple bumps, the salons finishing touches will be complete this weekend.
-Ezra's going swimming at his great-grandmas tomorrow, we are so excited for him!
-My favorite color is chartreuse.
-There are 3 choices of leftovers sitting in my refrigerator and I can't decide what I will eat for lunch today.
-I don't think I have styled my hair once this week.
-I am growing out my eyebrows right now, as suggested by my favorite esthetician,I hope I look like Megan Fox. (pbft..just kidding.)
-From the last two things you read, I sound HOT. (HAHA!)
- I hope we go to DQ tonight. We have a coupon and I am dying to use it. Besides, 50% of ice cream cake! WOOWOO!
-Ezra is not only getting his 2 front teeth, but also his k9's or what I have been calling, his "vampire teeth" Isn't that what they are?
- I always say I am going to let Ezra 'cry it out'-- 'cry himself to sleep' but feel like a terrible mother and have to console him. I have no idea how to lay him down for a nap without a fight.
-Starting Monday, I will not only have a fun facts Friday post every week, I will start doing a "My Monday" post as well, I will take photos and post about what I typically do on Mondays. (exciting, huh?) This will make me blog more! and I am excited to do it!

Have a wonderful Weekend! I know I will!