Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

It is so much harder to remember what day of the week it is when I don't go into work. But, Boy! Have I LOVED not having to go into work. It has been so nice and so stress-less not having to worry about leaving Ezra. The salon isn't (completely) finished, but I am still able to take some clients. It is so cool to have a salon in my home. I almost feel like I am playing "salon." As though I am a little girl, playing pretend in a large doll house or something. Everything is "my size,"I love it.

Anyways. Here are a couple Fun facts on this dreary, rainy, Friday.

- I am making stuffed peppers for dinner. One of our favorite dinners.
- Ezra absolutely loves little kids. It is adorable how his face lights up at the sight of another little one.
-Marshall still hasn't been able to get a haircut in the new space. (Whoopsies)
-My hair blog is becoming quite popular these days. It was mentioned as one of the Best Hair blogs out there, thanks to Fashionista. Such a cool thing!

-I am doing hair for a wedding first thing in the morning tomorrow and I am really excited.

-This weekend will probably be way too hot to enjoy. (Have I mentioned that I dislike the heat?)

-This was a pretty boring week at our house.