Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

Oh My Gosh. Oh My Gosh. Oh My Gosh.
You all NEED to see this.
My Salon.

It's Complete. And. It looks Beautiful.
I am living the dream ya'll.
I have a 'mysize' salon right in my home. I cannot wait to show it to you!

Besides that. We are looking for a vehicle. I mean. We've been talking about it long enough. Now. It just needs to happen.

Anyways.. Here are some fun facts for this sunny friday.

-This Milk truck idea is absolutely fantastic! Why didn't I think of this?
- I hate talking on the phone. really. I don't even like ordering pizza or chinese, I prefer to text,email, facebook or send letters. (I just can't do it.. especially now that Ezra is so vocal- I wouldn't hear you over the line anyways.)
-Facebook has been my new appointment scheduler, and I love it.
-Marshall set up Outlook onto my computer this week and it is so convenient.
-Ezra will put ANYTHING in his mouth these days, I mean ANYTHING.. He will go after your toes!
-Ezra is also dragging himself all over our little house. He is also starting to pull his little toy basket over and go through all his toys (...if I could just get him to learn to put them back!)
-We lowered Ezra's crib this week, he is starting to pull himself up and it seemed like the right time. (Now I need a step stool to get him in the crib, the bar is too high and I am too short.--Needless to say, Ezra wakes up everytime. This has been a terrible week for sleeping. Not to mention, he is getting MORE teeth! (poorguy)
-I have the CRAZIEST dreams this week. I mean, CRAZY!
-I will do whatever I can to protect my family.No matter what it is.
- I have been more aware of things that I need to avoid now that I have a child. I am a mom now, I am forever a teacher and an example. I need to start now.
- I love my husband. He is so patient with me.
-I am driving to Hastings tomorrow to work a wedding! 6 bridesmaids + the Bride! This is by far the largest job I've had in a while!
-My hair is getting longer! Yahoo! (I'm such a diva in front of the camera)

- I love when Ezra smushes his face up against the side of his play pen. I laugh out loud everytime.

Marshall will be going to Harry Potter tonight with my sister and my mom, I haven't read the books and I'm not exaclty dying to see it as much as Marshall. I am sure they will have a good time!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!