Monday, July 18, 2011

My Monday

I try to hibernate in my nice cool house as much as I can with this scorching heat we've been having.
We  didn't realize until late last night that our AC wasn't working and I am so happy it works now.
My Monday came and went as they always do...

I brought Ezra into bed with us this morning after his 5 am feeding,I wasn't quite ready to be awake for the day yet and had to try and get a couple more hours asleep. I love waking up next to both of my boys, we all wake up a lot happier together.
 When Ezra woke up ready for the day, he was all smiles and I LOVE that more than anything.
I texted Marshall about the crazy dreams I had and snuggled with Ezra until he was just too squirrelly.

Ezra is starting to move around a lot more, He loves his crawl ball. It used to scare him, but not any longer. Marshall and I play peek-a-boo with him all the time, and I love to hide under things and jump out and yell BOO! You think it would freak baby Ezra out, but he loves it too. He laughs a jolly laugh every time.

 I  had two clients today which was great,both turned out so lovely.(wishing I had pics.)

I made myself my favorite salad for lunch. Spinach,mozzarella and tomato. (nom.nom.nom)

We needed to get out of the house for a little while so we  headed out to Maplewood.
I bought some pretty things at H&M for Ezra and I
and later came back for an ice cream cone (messy).

Ezra was really cranky in the late afternoon and wouldn't let me get ANYTHING done, I thought it would be a good idea to put Ezra in his baby bjorn, but he HATED it. dang.

 So I let him play on the floor so I could get dinner ready.

We ate dinner and Ezra rubbed his eyes and fussed throughout our entire meal.
Marshall willingly got up and brought him into his room and read him some stories so I could finally relax and have a moment to myself.

Marshall has the magic touch and gets Ezra to fall asleep every time.
I wish I had the magic touch.

Marshall just walked in with a grin on his face, our cub foods has the Harry Potter Part1 of the last movie (he/we haven't seen it yet)
I think I know what the rest of our night will be like.

Hope you had a great start the week.
I look forward to (maybe) cooler days, and more clients this week. :)