Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Facts Friday. Aug 12

My Weeks just get busier and busier I tell you! I need to give myself a day off!
But, Although it has been busy, it has been great. I still LOVE being at home, working from home and never having to leave my home. I guess you could say I am a home.body. Believe me, It feels good to smell the fresh air once in a while-- I do appreciate the earth, I do. But sometimes it is just so nice not to have to leave.

Here are some Fun Facts this (kinda) Dreary Friday!

-Sometimes we find Ezra standing up by his toy boxes. So.cute.
-Marshall laid out all of Ezra's food the other day. He is so helpful.
-I had such a nice lunch with Katie yesterday and she was so great with Ezra, she is such a good help!
-Ezra is 9 months old and weighs 15.5 lbs. He is a little guy. So we are bulking him up. With lots and lots of food these days. All he seems to do is eat and sleep.
-Marshall hates to be scared.
-I Love to scare.
-I can always crack Marshall's passwords.
-Marshall and I have flossed every day this week. (Gettin' ready for the Denist!)
-I am always a little worried Ezra while wipe off my penciled- in eyebrow(s)
-I think I have a sweating problem and would love botox in my pits.
-I swear that Marshall has never done anything bad in his entire life. And he hasn't.
-I had some headshots taken of me this week,I am super awkward to photograph. JoAnne is amazing!

- I finally revealed the salon! Yahoo!! Aren' the befores just hideous?

We are heading to a bbq at one of Marshall's co-workers tonight. Lets hope for no rain!

Have a wonderful weekend ya'll!