Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

Usually, on Fridays- I look back on my week and reflect about how quickly it flew by and all the things I never got around to doing  was able to do. But this week kind of dragged on, I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks and to have a slower, less busy week made life a little, well, dull.

But here are some fun things that DID happen!

-We finally got a new car!

-Ezra wore a band aid on his finger.
-We lost the Band aid.
-5 days later-- found the band aid in his DIAPER! ---- We had no idea he had swallowed it! (I'm a bad mom- but thank heavens he hadn't choked on it.)
-We found Ezra sitting up in his crib (First time ever)

-2 days later we found Ezra STANDING in his crib!(What the!-- Time to lower that sucker, again!)
- Had to move things around in the salon to make it appropriate for certain Codes in the state of MN. I don't want to talk about it. (Not how I envisioned (or that was photographed) but it will do.)
-Family is coming into town next week and we are so excited! Fun things planned all next week! Yahoo!

Marshall has planned a secret date for us tonight! (He kept it a secret all week- but as usual I cracked the codes and  knew he was up to something.) He says I am just nosy. but I think I am just good.
- Working another wedding tomorrow afternoon!

Have beautiful weekend! Enjoy the time you have with the people you love!