Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This has been such a great week!
Our family made it from Utah to Minnesota safe and sound!
Here are some fun facts this gorgeous Friday!

-Let me introduce you to Margot Wood. She doesn't even look like real life, in real life! She looks like a dolly! 
-Ezra could look out the window for hours on end.
 I would let him, but he licks the track and that is just gross.

-Here is my Bro in Law and his Girlyfriend. They are too adorable, and they are showing off their new hairdos.

-Marshall and I were able to go to the temple with his family this week, that was such a treat.

-I love my men in plaid!
-Ezra is a very sweaty boy.-Takes after his mama.
-Marshall took the day off today and we are going to the zoo!!

-I usually start my days off  with my hair styled and down. and always, and I mean always end up braiding my bangs back.
In the beginning of the summer, Marshall said  "Wow, you look so cute with your hair braided like that," and I thought that I would wear it that way more often. Just the other day he says "Whats with the braid all the time?"
I just stared at him ...really? I thought he liked it. I guess he's not the only one over the braid.
- Even though my blog is called 'Peanut Butter and Honey' I have to be honest, My husbands eats enough of these that I don't think anyone in the world needs to. But I enjoyed one for probably the first time since we have been married. Can you believe it?