Monday, August 1, 2011

My Monday- August First.

What a rainy day. I loved it. I love the rain. I love how Ezra and I slept in and when we woke up late for the day it still seemed like night. I loved how the thunder shook our little house, and how the lightening flashed through our curtains.

 When I woke up this morning, I had to sneek out of bed, I washed my face, brushed my hair and got dressed, (I'm learning the only way I can get a shower is to take it after Ezra goes to sleep at night) and ate my yogurt and granola before Ezra woke up and before my first appointment at 10 am.

I had my dear friend, Cj, give me a cut and color that was terribly over due.
We had lunch at Potbelly's (yum. I love their chicken salad sandwich)
Came home, sang Ezra to sleep. I caught up on the Bachelorette on hulu. (Such garbage. But I love it. but seriously, where was Bentley- and am I the only one who thinks he is hilarious and needs his own show?)

I had another client around 4:30- Made chicken, rice and veggies for dinner, while Ezra roamed the kitchen. He busted off the bottom of our refrigerator. He is stronger than he looks.

(ps. don't judge me for wearing an ac/dc shirt. This was the third shirt I put on today. Ezra spit up on all my others.)
Marshall got home from work around 6. I love it when he walks in the door, our house completely lights up when he is home. Ezra crawls as fast as he can to be scooped up into Marshall's arms.

Marshall is so patient and so calm.
He grabs Ezra's little arms and walks with him all through our house.
We call him our little 'high steppa'  He just loves to walk. He loves using his little body. We can't express the joy we feel as we watch him learn and experience all the simple things that his body can do. He is starting to understand that he has hands, and feet and that they move.
My goal this week is to teach him how to wave. I am so close.

We needed groceries. I love being able to run errands as a family. It makes it so much easier on me.
Marshall really likes the peach flavored Target yogurt, so we cheated on our normal local grocery store. (Sorry Cub)

Ezra talked the whole way home.
It was way past his bed time, he went straight to bed, and now Marshall and I relax on our couch and talk about how cool our kid is.
Really, he is the coolest.

Today was a great start to our week.
We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors at the national night out BBQ tomorrow night