Monday, August 8, 2011

My Monday

I had a very busy morning and afternoon.
I woke up earlier than Ezra (For once) Showered, make-up'd- and even had time to give myself a faux bob. You know, for the heck of it. It lasted two seconds until I could hear the boss singing down the hall.

He was happier than his usual self this morning, maybe it was because I was ready for the day? Not my usual half dressed mess with zit cream and 4 eyes. I like to think he loves me no matter what I look like-- but I could be wrong. Look at this smile!

I had three appoinments this morning, so my dear mother (after working a 12 hour night shift- bless her heart) Arrived at my house a little before 9am, with McD's in hand! McD's I tell you! (I LOVE McD's breakfast- Don't judge me)- She watched Ezra for my first appointment. He was a good boy and napped for the others. (Thank goodness)
After 3- it was just me and him. He crawled all around, pulled himself up and down, over and under.. backstroke, frontstroke..
He took awesome naps today- The best ever I think. (2- hour and a half naps) This is unheard of at out house. I think someone is growing.
We have his 9 month check up in the morning and then we are having lunch with my parents and some old friends.
I have laundry going- so he, of course, looks dapper.

I made a couple hair appointments, sent out emails, blogged, and texted my husband on his whereabouts and when he will be home.

Homemade mashed potatoe,s (drool- my favorite)veggies,
 and a juicy, plump lil' ham for dinner..nom nom nom

I hope to have Marshall's help tonight in putting together a cabinet for my towels in the salon.
We will most likely try (and attempt) a quick family council meeting and a family home evening before we put Ezra to bed (this is something we try to do on Monday's and would like to be more regular about, especially now that Ezra is getting a little bigger.

I hope you had a wonderful start to your week!