Monday, August 22, 2011

My Monday

Happy Monday Ya'll.

I hope that today was a great start to your week! I kept forgetting that is was Monday! It is so hard to keep track of what day it is lately)

Here is what we were up to today!

We didn't want to wake up this morning. Not one of us. Not even Ezra.
But we did, we all did. We dragged our butts out of bed and slowly but surely started our week.

I had a couple clients this morning and then we went to my grandmas house (on my dad's side) to visit. (Ezra's GREAT grandma- Did you know that Ezra has a Great-Great Grandma! That never happens!)
Ezra loved hanging out with his great-grandparents.
It really is a treat that they live so close to us.

After visiting with them for a little while, my mom and I met up with my sister and walked around an outdoor mall for a bit- It was perfect outside today. (wishing I had photos of that. dang)

Then Ezra and I made our way back home to get dinner ready before Marshall got home from work. Dinner was a family favorite, chicken adobo.
After dinner Ezra wrestled with Marshall's head  and had me laughing so hard. He was in such a funky mood, it wasn't until he sat on MY head that I realized why. (stinky diaper.. whoooey)

We had our usual short and sweet Family Home Evening about loving one another and how we can show our love for each other and those around us. I can't wait until Ezra is old enough to participate. It will be so sweet to hear his small voice express his thoughts and ideas on these topics.

After our little lesson, Ezra had his daily workout around the table- how long can he stand or how many steps can he take without falling on his face. His little legs are getting stronger and stronger every day. It is so awesome to watch him learn what his little body can do.

Ezra fell asleep almost instantly and Marshall and I finished off the tub of ice cream. WITH magic shell chocolate sauce on top. My favorite!

I am finding that today probably wasn't all that interesting (to you)- But for us, it is a usual start to our week. And this week is going to be a great one!

Hooray for the Wood family who will be here tomorrow afternoon! Yahoo!