Monday, August 29, 2011

My Monday.

Ezra and I slept in until 9! That is right. 9 am. But, because we did that- it threw off his normal schedule. Which means 2 words. Crabby Pants (in the evening)

Opened the refridgerator and noticed the light was burnt out. Sucky. But instead of wanting to purchase a new bulb, I think it is time for a whole new Fridge! I think ours is as old as our house (50 years. I am  not kidding.)
After taking a picture of the inside of my refridgerator- I was embarrassed. It looks totally disgusting and that is why I immediately threw away all the rotten/expired/moldy food/leftovers.... I know. I know. Gross. No need to tell me, I know.
I had an awesome bagel, with my new favorite cream cheese, Honey Nut. NomNomNom!

We played on the floor with some toys! I love how content Ezra can be by himself (sometimes) It is so nice.
Not only did I wear leopard print today, But I also wore red earrings.#Tacky?Yes. ( I am pretty sure that my earrings are Ezra's favorite- It is so funny to watch his eyes shift back and forth as I move my head around)

I am devoted to my new workout routine. pushups,crunches,curls, lifts, squats,and cardio. < (When I can)

Ezra and I made a trip to visit a friend today and shared with her a sweet message.

Ezra was babysat by my friend, JoAnne's daughter. I think he loves her.
 I love that he has friends to play with while I take my clients, it is so fun for him and not to mention, great for me!

I made Fajitas for dinner, which I ate too fast to photograph...

Marshall read Ezra a couple books. (Because he was so crabby-- as mentioned before, we were trying to calm him down.)
Before we put Ezra to bed, we had our regular Family Home Evening and Marshall shared a short and sweet lesson/ Song on Jesus Christ.
-Ezra loved it.

*Monday Fun Fact- Marshall didn't take his cell phone to work (ON PURPOSE) to see if he could live without it. I would have died.
He told me he was fine without it (But I could see right through him and told him to be honest with me)
He then confessed and said "it was a little hard"-- I still don't think he was being completely honest. I bet he was DYING!