Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Saturday.

It is days like today that I wish and I wish so badly that Ezra could remember forever.
It's not like we did anything exciting, not even a little bit.
 But it was that we were all together.
These boys rolled on the floor and talked (or blabbed) to each other while I organized a cabinet in our kitchen.

If you notice, Ezra gets his very own shelf.
My goal is organize all of the cabinets in our kitchen...
Let's start with one cabinet a week.

We ate sloppy Joe's and tons of fruit.
And we couldn't help ourselves from getting outside. The weather was absolutely perfect.
We walked to get ice cream and took the long way home. Which is my favorite, if we are lucky, we usually see some sort of wildlife. We unfortunately saw wild dead. A dead possum on the side of the trail and the flies wouldn't leave Marshall alone. Gross.

We stopped and took a photo on the bridge, and this one cracks me up.
 Ezra loved to watch the water rushing under the bridge and would not break his gaze at it.

So much for a family photo.

To imagine seeing things for the first time.
 I love being able to experience them through his big brown eyes.
Marshall wrapped his arm around me and held me tight while pushing Ezra in the stroller with the other, We snuggled close as the sun slowly went down.
We even held one another closer as we hit the trail so we could 3 leg race (ourselves) the rest of the way back.

I hope Ezra will have many memories of his parents laughing and holding each other close. Those would be the sweetest memories that he could of his parents I think.
I am so grateful we are able to spend our free time together as a family and I cannot get enough of these boys.