Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

I wish I could tell you that I had an amazing week, I also wish I could tell you that I accomplished the most amazing things, and that we did some really awesome things.
But I would be lying. This week was a lame week. Nothing was even close enough to awesome.

On that note... Let's start off the Fun Facts right.

-I was crabby the entire week.
-Ezra took some sweet long naps.
-I have had some seriously scary dreams.
-I got a speeding ticket yesterday.shoot me.
-I maybe cooked one meal all week.
-Marshall thinks he can take care of Ezra all by himself for the day, I give him 1 hour, and that is while Ezra naps.
-Target takes all of our money.
-We have delicious ingredients in our fridge for the most amazing meals, and haven't been able to make anything this week.
- We need to buy lightbulbs.
-I hate my hair right now.
-Ezra loves to play in the kitchen with his toy cars.

-My parents closed on their new house this week and it is beautiful. I am kind of jealous.
-We are trying to introduce Ezra to table foods...
-I am starting to wean Ezra (from nursing in the afternoon)
-I am dying to redo my living room in the worst way.
-We are going to the State fair on Monday! OO! (My Monday will probably be awesome because of that.)

I am hoping to have a much better weekend than the week I have had.
I hope the same for you!