Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

I need an extra day in the week, a day where Marshall could magically nurse Ezra.
A day where there are no errands to run, or floors to sweep. I just need a day to myself. Yes. I said it. I am a big,selfish snob. But, you know what. It is so hard to be a stay at home wife/mama/stylist. And this week I feel like I only succeeded at one of my jobs. the mama job.
 I was good at that one (for the most part) I like to think I kept Ezra happy and comfortable through this miserable teething phase.
 I curse this teething.
He sleeps in 32 minute intervals, I swear. Marshall said that I literally body checked him in the night exclaiming that it was his 'turn' to soothe Ezra back to sleep. whoops. I didn't realize...

Anyways.. Here are some fun facts!
-It isn't even 8:30 am yet and Ezra has already hit his head on the coffee table and also on the wall.
-My mom is in Washington visiting my sister and her family and I am dying without her! I am so grateful that my parents live close so I can spend time with them and they can be a part of Ezra's life.
-Ezra and I braved the cold Wednesday and went to the park! It was chilly!
Ezra even wore shoes! (He never wears shoes OR socks. we hippies! peace and love everybody, peace and love.)

-I think brides who show cleavage on their wedding day look ugly. I honestly don't think there is anything beautiful or pretty about cleavage on your wedding day. I just feel embarrassed for them. Just sayin'
-After cleaning out Ezra's dresser drawers and boxing his little clothes that he had outgrown, I realized this poor little guy didn't own anything warm! So we went shopping!

-Ezra is coming up on 11 months old, he fits 6 months clothes PERFECTLY and almost drowns in the 9 months.
-I forced Era to pose in his new outfit, isn't it obvious how he felt about it?
-Marshall walked in while I was nursing Ezra this morning, he is wearing a simple, long sleeved fitted gray polo and he says, "Have I ever told you that this is my favorite shirt?" patting down his chest and fixing his collar, "I mean, it fits me perfectly, I love the color, I love the style, it is warm..." I love his enthusiasm over such simple things. But then he asks as he is walking out the door, "Should I wear my new shoes today?" We picked him up some sweet kicks, (super casual, supposed to be for his coaching season...) It is casual friday but I thought they would be a little too casual, but he insisted, he thought the guys at work would think they were awesome (his exact words). Have I mentioned that my husband is in junior high?

-For some reason, I love when Ezra has poopy diapers. I don't mind changing them at all, I like to think of it as a surprise!

- Most photos I take are of Ezra, or of Ezra and myself. Because. We are together all the time. I know.. I know.. I am sick of my mug too. 

-I introduced Ezra to a new pacifier yesterday, this one is a little bigger, different color, shape, feel, the whole bit. I thought that since he was teething he might be more open to it. He was moving around the house with both in his hands trying to decide which one he liked best, switching them back and forth. It was pretty humorous to watch.

-I absolutely Cannot stand when pregnant women publicly complain about being big,huge,uncomfortable,can't sleep....blah blah blah.. It is so annoying. It took us a while to get pregnant and didn't think the chance of us having a baby was very likely. I  thank God every day for such a miracle in our lives, and some people seem so ungrateful and selfish that they can't recognize what a blessing they have been given.

-I have a light fixture that I have wanted installed for over a year. (cough.cough)
-Ezra sleeps best on us or with us. I of course LOVE this.
-Ezra had his haircut this week! He looks like a real little boy.
-I am planning Ezra's first birthday and as much as I want to go all out for it, I just don't think that will be much fun for him. I am trying to keep it low key- family only. I hope I can pull something off.
-I am also starting to get Ezra's Halloween costume together.

Our weekend is jam packed with stuff! I hope I can enjoy it!

 Dress warm and enjoy your weekend!