Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Facts Friday!

I have been hustlin and bustlin around the house and haven't had a moment to stop and do my routine blog post until just now. Ezra's taking a nap and I need one too!

Here are my fun facts!
-This is my 400th blog post!! Can you believe it? Only 400!
-I bought Ezra this freakin' adorable hat. He needed  it!

-My sister bought me a new lipstick. Mac's so chaud. Love it. It's a pretty red orange.
-And my sister is super hot.

-We went shopping and she is by far the coolest person to take with me.
-Kelly (my sister) took this photo of Ezra while she babysat him. I love it.
-After Ezra bonked his head a million times on our stupid coffee table, I moved it to the basement. (Not to mention Ezra busted one of the decorative corners off one of the legs, and the nails were sticking out.. yikes.)
So now our living room is (babyproofed-- kinda) nice and open so Ezra can roll all around.
-Ezra has been pretty congested this week, so he had a couple vapor baths. He LOVES the bubbles!

-Ezra, as always helps me (unfold) fold the laundry. And I am proud to say that all of the laundry is put away this week. (This is not counting what is in the dryer)
-The minute Marshall gets home, it is play time and Ezra knows it, have I mentioned he is a daddy's boy?
-Ezra, Marshall and I are having our family photos taken by JoAnne tomorrow and we are so excited!

-I had to get a matching hat for Marshall too! But I hope he doesn't want it and lets me have it.