Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This week soared by. I feel like all I did was fight with Ezra and his freakin' teeth. He has had a small cold, some running of the nose and congestion. But this on top of a new cursed tooth is no sleep for mom. I was able to take quite a few clients this week, with the help of my great friend Sam and my lovely mother. I cannot thank them enough for giving me some time to center myself.

On to the fun facts.

-I picked up Batman Pajamas for Ezra, Marshall had some when he was little and I thought it would be cute to carry on the tradition. He makes an incredible batman.
-My sister talked me into buying pleather high waisted skinny pants, they are so freakin awesome, I just don't know where to wear them!
-I think I found the deodorant of my dreams.
- Ezra can clap his hands AND show us how big he is, along with the adorable peek-a-boo
-Marshall picked up Ezra and my colds this week.

-We have a mole in our front yard who seems to be digging his way to China.
-I wish I could sew.
-I am working my last wedding of the season tomorrow. I'm happy to have my weekends with my family back.
-I am itching to get out of town/state. I am especially wanting to visit my sister and her babe.

-I was given a trial pair of contact lenses (my other pair were recalled) and I hate them, hence the glasses.
-I love to spray paint anything.
-We really need to clean our front window, but how could we wipe away these adorable tiny hand prints?

-We are really looking forward to being spiritually uplifted by hearing the words of our Prophet and Apostles this weekend, during General Conference.

Enjoy your weekend!