Monday, September 5, 2011

My Monday @ the MN State Fair!

We were so excited to go to the State Fair today we could barely sleep!(Actually-- It seems as though Ezra's throat has been bothering him, and we were up in the night soothing him.- But still! We were excited!)

We rolled out of bed around 8 o'clock. Checked the weather and lucked out, it was GORGEOUS! I made some scrambled eggs with Cream! Have you ever added heavy whipping cream to your eggs? Just a splash? Delish! So fluffy!

We got Ezra all ready to go, packed our things and headed out to the fair.
Marshall always says this to himself as he drives our new Corolla-- "Ballin'---Ballin'"
And it cracks me up. He thinks he is so cool in his new car.
But we never drive into the fair we park and take a free bus there. It is so nice!
And! This is unfortunately the only family photo we got all day. Like Ezra's little eye?
We walked and walked....
We saw Mormon Missionaries! I love Mormon Missionaries. Such good boys.
Oh! We ate until we couldn't eat any more.
Pronto pup, mini donuts,french fries, foot long hot dog,cotton candy,sundaes,malt,strawberries and cream.... puke..........

We visited the Goats.. the horses...the pigs.. I swear I can still smell the animals in my hair...Stink. But super fun to see.

I had to stop and feed Ezra, Marshall was embarrassed to take this photo but I made him do it.  He said he felt bad for me...
Yes, I am sitting on the ground. There is no good place to nurse your baby at the fair, like I mentioned once before, there needs to be a traveling bus with a giant (boob) on top just for nursing mothers.
We stopped and try to take photos on the bench...and walked some more..
And after 5 hours we crept out of the fair and headed home.
As we were leaving I made a list of all the things we will definitely NOT be eating at the fair next year, and all the things we will be eating. Along with all the fun things we might be able to do with Ezra next year. I can't believe I have to wait a whole year to go again!
Once we got home, we didn't wan to do anything. But I knew that if I made anything for dinner it would have to be HEALTHY and quick and delicious. And boy! It was!

Tilapia, rice and broccoli. Marshall and I both agreed that it was like brushing our teeth after all we ate today.

We had such a fabulous labor day and our weekend wrapped up perfectly.
I hope you had a great day (off?)!