Monday, September 12, 2011

My Monday.

- Random photos from the weekend.

The sun was shining and our backyard squirrels were screaming. Really, they were. I swear they have rabies and will kill me while I am napping in my own home. Those suckers are loud AND territorial.

But today was great. I like to think that I kept pretty busy with good things all day long.

I love how Ezra's eyes are still puffy and how insanely happy he is right when he wakes up. It makes it so much more pleasant for me when I am cursing the daylight.
I made us both big bowls of cereal and basked in the sun as it shined through our living room.

We got ready for the day and I met up with my Book Of Mormon Study Group. We took the summer off, and today was our first day back. I love these women, they are so amazing and I have so much fun with them. Some of the ladies had their little ones there as well, and Ezra was in heaven he wasn't shy to play with their toys them at all. I love that he is so social.
It was lunch time when we got home.
Apparently, Ezra isn't as jubilant as I am about veggie time.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't get excited about other things.
There is something about hair pulling that rocks his world.
I can't tell you how much it hurts to have single strands ripped out of your scalp with a small, sweaty, death grip.
Really. I swear. It never feels good.
But the 2nd photo (in collage) is a clear example of the pure ecstasy that he experiences while he watches me suffer. (should I be worried?)

After lunch and hair pulling I put him down for a nap and made myself lunch.
I experimented with roasting a sweet potato. I just cut it up, drizzled a little olive oil and sea salt on them, and put it in the oven for almost 20 minutes. (on 450 degrees)
I also nuked one of my all time favorites meatless riblet. Sounds sketchy, but I swear it's Delicious.
It made up for my sweet potatoes.
I took a cat nap.
And when Ezra and I both woke up, we went grocery shopping. He bounced in the cart the whole trip. He flirts with all the old ladies and the cashiers, and I can't help but slow down my cart and graciously thank them for telling me how precious he is.. heck, I am used to it. #bragging.

Once we got home,unloaded the groceries, had a small snack, we headed out AGAIN. This time to bring dinner to a friend who just a sweet baby girl. We were able to visit with them for a little while, which was so nice- baby Naomi was so little, so fragile, so floppy! I totally forget how little babies are  when they are brand spankin' new. It is so sweet! Ezra was a little jealous, He kept trying to crawl on me while I held her. He will have to get over that at some point. He will be a big brother someday.

Shortly after we got home, we had a quick dinner while Marshall filled me in on funny stories about his day at work, and the bus ride, the bus stories are my favorite.

After dinner, Marshall mowed the lawn. It was a jungle out there. I swear it was growing onto the main street. I am also pretty sure Ezra and I were not the only ones stalking Marshall's mow job from our windows, I have and inkling that our neighbors were doing the same. (The grass was ridiculously long)

Ezra's little head moved back and forth-- back and forth as Marshall walked through the yard. It was so adorable to watch. Ezra loves his daddy so hurts.

We watched and watched until we couldn't watch anymore.

Ezra is hugging us now, which is the best thing EVER. I die every time he squeezes his little arms around my neck, he is such a sweetie pie.

I love how as the photos of my Monday progress... my hair gets pulled back with a headband and my skin becomes a little more shiny..

Before I rocked Ezra to sleep, we had our own little Family Home Evening since Marshall was outside working. I told Ezra how grateful I was to have him as a son, and how I am so happy that he chose Marshall and I to be him mommy and daddy. I talked to him about our heavenly family, and Heavenly Father's plan for him. Someday he will understand these truths more fully and he will have a better understanding of who he is and why he is here. I know I have a very deep understanding of this.

Marshall has retreated to the basement/new study space to study for his PE exam coming up next month and I am going to finally relax from my Monday.