Monday, September 19, 2011

My Monday!

Ezra and I woke up with stuffy noses and puffy eyes.
We were both a little under the weather so I couldn't make it to my usual Monday scripture study group, which ended up canceling anyways. I was kind of relieved because I am selfish and I hate missing out.
I started off the day thinking that I would make a list in my head of all the things that I thought about and thought that it would be fun and random to share that along with my regular my monday post.

Here was my thoughts list.

- My Hair blog.-must update more frequently.
-This Blog- who reads this anyways?
-family photos.-must take.
-Christmas gifts/cards.-make lists of ideas
-Birthdays-coming soon!
-Friends. Old and new.-wonder/prayer/love/serve
-Laundry.-need to fold.can't
-Closets.-need to clean
-Hot water heater.-need one.don't want one.
-When is a good time to have another baby-prayed for
-Conspiracy theories.-wondered.
-Ghosts.-told stories
-End of the world.-imagined
-Food Storage.-plan
-Missionary work.-shared.
-Stake conference-inspired by.
-Burger King.fought for
-Mini Vans./Wagons.-want
-Short Hair.want but wont
-New Sweaters.-want.
-Naps.-needed one or 2.
-Medicine.- Love it.
-A new Bra.I need one.
-Periods.When will I ever get one?

* these are the type of things that run through my brain all day.

 We played.. He napped, I showered.
He woke up, I gave him a bath.

I blow dried Ezra's hair back, then gave him a bottle because, remember? I am weaning...
and. If you can tell in the background, that is my laundry.. heaping piles. I still haven't folded it. Every time I attempted to Ezra would come by and mess up my piles.

-I cleaned the salon, and had a couple clients.
My great friend Sam, always offers to watch Ezra for me so I can do hair.
She is seriously the greatest.
I was totally starving after my last client and could barely stand it. So Mcdonalds we went. Big mac meal for me please. Don't judge. I ate it just like Ezra ate his food.
We went on a refreshing little walk before it got too dark.
and Ezra and Marshall wrestled around the living room.
We had a quick FHE lesson about Families. It has become the theme for the month of September.

I hope Ezra and I feel better by the end of the week, otherwise that would stink!

Have a great week!