Monday, September 26, 2011

My Monday

After a fabulous weekend with my boys, it was like a spell was cast on us all last night. We all slept the night! Ezra slept from 8:45ish- ~5:30ish. My day started when I rolled out of bed at 6:01am.
Ezra and I ate our breakfast and played. I showered while he sat in his saucer and either cried/whined/or ate puffs.I put him down for him morning nap and hoped that he would wake up in time so I could make it to my scripture study group. While he napped, I finished getting ready, I vacuumed, I finished the laundry (yes, we always have laundry to do) steamed some carrots and apples, stared at a lady who talked to herself at the bus stop while I pumped.
Ezra woke up right when he was supposed to, I quickly bathed him. dressed him and we were off.
I spent the afternoon with my friends while we discussed gospel doctrine, ate cookies and had a few laughs. Ezra played with the other little ones, crawled under the table and even had a taste of a dog bone.

It was a lunch time when we got home and I knew he would be hungry, especially because today was the first day I dropped a nursing/bottle session#weaning. He didn't even seem to notice. After lunch he and I were both exhausted, what better thing to do than to grab our cozy blankets and cuddle up for a nap. We napped a good nap and woke up almost an hour and half later. It was heavenly. It was too late to run any errands, and all Ezra wanted and needed to do was to play.

And, I really felt like he needed me down on the floor playing along side him,so- for the next 2 hours, I did just that.
Marshall called on his bus ride home and I put him on speakerphone so Ezra could hear his voice. It is like magic. He is instantly happy hearing Marshall's low and soothing voice over the line. I was able to whip up dinner while Ezra had a snack and Marshall spoke to us on the phone.
I made taco soup, which, by the way, super easy and delicious!
When Marshall got home, I ran out to the grocery store to pick up a few things and filled up our gas tank.
I Rushed home for dinner, and then we had a short Family Home Evening on Joseph Smith.
We all rolled on the floor with Ezra before it was time for me to snuggle and nursed Ezra to sleep.

Now, I blink my eyes wildly at the computer screen and listen to Marshall honk blow that nose of his while he is downstairs studying for his upcoming exam,  and I am thinking about making myself a bowl of ice cream before bed.
I have a busy week filled with clients and other things to do!
 I hope I can keep it all together!