Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Belated Weekend Photos.

Ezra hates when Marshall leaves us to play soccer Saturday mornings.
This was Ezra's first time having Cow's milk. He liked it!

We celebrated our Birthday's with the Abrahamson side.
Ezra didn't know what to think of us singing 'Happy Birthday' to him, or the candle flickering in the dark!

It is tradition in the Abrahamson home that you a) get to eat off the blue plate (vs.normal white plates) and b)you get to choose your favorite meal to be made special for you and c) you also get your favorite dessert
I cashed in on all of these choices! I cleaned my blue plate, I asked for manicotti, it was delicious, and french silk pie for dessert.(Ezra had rice krispie treat) I am sad that pie is gone- remembering how I loved it so.

Ezra's cousins (my nieces) made us the sweetest birthday cards!

Ezra unwrapped his gift all by himself!( I lied- we totally helped him)
He loves this little bus. And. He is so protective of it, he will not share it with any of his friends.
 I am worried.

Ezra's real birthday isn't until Friday. We have pretty much celebrated it with everyone already and Marshall and I plan on taking him out to dinner on Friday. I am really excited to go on a date with my boys.Besides, Marshall and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary on November 1st! (Did I mention this is the best week ever, IE; Birthday(s)Anniversary)

PS. My birthday was great, My mom came over and organized my hallway closet, it looks amazing. I have a lot more closets to go, but one down sure is a huge load off!
Marshall made pancakes,eggs and bacon for dinner and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers and the Adele CD(He hid the CD under my pillow. what a sneak!) And such a sweetie pie! It is only appropriate considering I freestyle all her songs. Freestyle meaning- making up my own words. Now I can learn them.