Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

Baby Ezra is sick. Thanks to his adorable cousin, Grayson. Grayson was a freakin' tornado here and probably touched every single surface and toy he could while he was in our house. So, Ezra is sick. Booger Bubbles and all, poor guy.
I am starting to feel a little under the weather as well, but I am going to do what I always do and pretend I am not sick and keep moving and eventually I don't even notice I feel sick anymore. It works every time. (Marshall thinks this is a foolish tactic and also thinks this is the reason why I lack compassion for him when he is sick. well.. he's right. I just don't understand why he can't fake it like I can. : /

This week//month has gone fairly quickly, I can't believe October is half way over, there were so many things I was wanting to accomplish and haven't even started! (hmmpphh) Anyways, here are some fun facts.

-I got my period last week, for the first time since February 2010. - Too much information. sorry. But let me tell you, I didn't know what was happening, I thought something was wrong with me and actually kind of panicked. ha! But sure enough, it was the real deal! (This is good news everybody!)

-I drop things all the time, and I don't just drop things that can be easily picked up, I drop bowls of cereal and milk, glasses of water at restaurants, fresh bowl of baby food, ceramic bowls.... do you see a pattern here. I am clumsy (all of a sudden) or something, I don't remember being so clumsy!

- I take it very personal if I make dinner and it is picked through. I think it is so rude and it really hurts my feelings.(Not a lot of things hurt my feelings but this does.- gets me every time.)

- Marshall and I bought a gallon worth of cleaner from a traveling door to door salesman. Why? Because this stuff is amazing and he may or may not have been investigating the LDS church for the past 16 years, and.. we may or may not have invited him in to eat dinner with us.

-I try very hard to let someone know that they are on my mind, that I care for them or that I love them, every chance I get.

-I have been asking myself all morning, "how can I be a better wife?" I feel like I am an adequate mother and friend,daughter, stylist..etc., but the whole wife thing.. I still struggle with that and I still don't feel like I have the answer. any ideas?

We don't have any plans this weekend, I am going to try and nurse my boy back to health, work on my wife-ing and maybe get to cleaning my house with my new amazing cleaner.

Have a great weekend!