Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Facts Friday- Special Edition.

Today, is not just another day. Today is day number 365. 365 days ago I dragged my body into the hospital and was told that on that day, my baby was coming. 365 days later, an entire year, Ezra turns one. ONE! I have a 1 year old.

From the moment the nurse plopped his tiny, warm body onto my chest I knew I would be in love with him forever. I knew that the definition of love that I once thought I knew, had an entirely different meaning. I knew that this life that I held in my arms would forever change my own.

What I didn't know is how much.

In the past year, I have grown closer to my Heavenly Father and thanked him dearly for trusting me and guiding me in this (not so new anymore- but still feels new)role as a mother. I have relied on my husband more than ever to help me when I can't seem to do it all (always) and need to get a grip. I have learned how patience really is a virtue.(That I lack severly and work desperately to have)I have also learned how incredibly instinctual it actually is to be a mother, how naturally I desire to care for my child throughout my days and into the nights. And how being his mother brings more joy than I can ever express.

Here are a couple fun facts about Ezra.
-He sleeps best without a night light. And even better with us.
-He is a very good eater,he has eaten everything we have given him- and I am not exaggerating.
-He is a snuggly, snuggly boy. He loves being held,hugged and kissed.
-He smiles and laughs at anything and everything.
-He is small for is age (I am doing the best I can- but he's healthy and happy)
-He is incredibly photogenic.
-He loves to be outdoors.
-He is very social and outgoing.
-He is incredibly sweet. and only sometimes grumpy.
-He hates his pack and play.
-He will follow his daddy all around the house by his pant leg.
-He loves to be sung to.

A couple other fun facts I wish someone told me before I had a baby:

-You will always be doing laundry. ALWAYS.
-You will be on a timed schedule. Everyday.
-You should always have an extra pair of clothes for baby AND you.
-Don't put a nightlight in the baby's room.
-Don't wake the baby up. EVER. not even to feed him, let him tell you when he's hungry.
-Put baby in his own crib in his own room right away.
-Breast pads are the bomb.
- A Hands free breast pump is a necessity.
-Baby proof your home before you come home from the hospital,(you will never find time to actually getting around to moving things around and before you know it your baby will be getting into everything.
-It is ok to let your baby cry sometimes.
-If your baby is playing really good by themselves, it isn't because they love their toys or that they are an independent little kid, it's probably because he has poop in his pants.
-You will sing and dance and make a fool out of yourself in the privacy of your own home and in public more than you probably realize.
-And, you will love this baby harder than you will ever love anything in your entire life, they are the sweetest and best gifts you can ever receive.

Marshall and I have been so blessed to have such a sweet boy and we look forward to the adventures this little man has in store for us.

Thank you so much for sharing this past year with us. And thank you so much for the love and support. Being a mother is honestly the hardest thing I have ever done and I couldn't do it without the help and advice from friends and family along the way.