Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Facts Friday!

We had such an awesome week!
It was full of of lots of fun and random things!
But here are some pictures of our week and also some random fun facts.

-I put Ezra IN anything I can. Tubs,baskets... anything. I think it is funny and he loves it.
-We ate like Kings and Queens this week. I actually cooked a meal every night, except for last night. Marshall made his famous burgers.
-Marshall and I are playing kick ball late tonight with a bunch of friends. Marshall came up with rules last night and I am sure he has strategies as well.
-I had a seriously great hair day yesterday. Those really are the best days.
-I feel like a hair product dealer. I love getting women hooked on amazing product. It feels so good, but I am sure their husbands hate me!
-I found a back carrier from the thrift store this week for a steal of a deal, we put it to use immediately. We made a family walk to Dairy Queen and beat the sun before it went down. I think we won.
-If I could steal a tree. It would be this tree. My neighbors are so lucky to have such a beautiful tree in their yard. We have a dead tree in our yard. a very, seriously.dead.tree.

-I am absolutely obsessed with this. I also picked this up from the thrift store- it is a pirate ship in a shadow box- art piece. I freaking LOVE it! I walked past it and snatched it quickly before anyone else could see it.
And the best thing. Marshall loves it too!!
I also picked up this (almost never loved or played with) rocking horse for Ezra! Did you know Batman rode a horse? Well, he does.
-My birthday is coming up and I already know what I want. Anyone can give it to me. All I want is for someone to watch Ezra while I organize my house. That is all! -Oh! AND if someone could plant something pretty along the side of my house where my current trash cans are. Happy Birthday to me!
-Ezra's Birthday is coming up as well, and Marshall and I already know what we are getting Ezra. He will just love it!

We were/ are hoping to make it to an apple orchard this weekend, but if it is raining I don't think we will make it.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!